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Buckles & Plates


This a cool collector Indian Art work buckle, the belt has carvings all over it as well made

in the 1940's its av ery cool peice of art. the hook is missing that holds the belt.


U 15


Original 1850's SNY belt rig. This one is all original and very nice condition.

Great patina on all brass leather is in excellent shape. SNY is a puppy paw.


U 14



Leech and Rigdon two peice

very nice Confederate Mfg.

With pre war red sash! pics with and

with out the sash. The leather is designes on the belt?

I have never seen one like that before.

U 13

not for sale





design cut in belt




Richmond Arsenal two peice with cap box and sash

Confederate issue, this is the way it came so I left it as I got it.

not for sale

U 12






Confederate Richmond Arsenal style two peice

with union cap box and red sash, has sword hangers

This is the way it came!

not for sale

U 11





This is the original belt and plate used the Steve Mulinex book

Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates, this is one of the only known ones on the

original cloth belt! Originally from the Norm Fladerman Collection.

These were issued to Washington Artillery.

plate 289

not for sale

D 10





D 9

CNG - Conn. National Guard belt with plate and jacket listed under uniforms

Original Eagle two peice belt plate #296 in O'Donnels page 199

made between 1855 and 1860 on the original leather belt with sword hangers.


#17 on both

#17 on tounge



Has some repairs to leather.


Snake buckle on original belt very thin and old probably Post War? Not sure.






Snake buckle period Civil War belt and buckle The belt is faded but the grey color is stil there on the part that was not in the sunlight.

These were issued in South Carolina, during the Civil War. These are very rare. Some came in to Louisiana as well thru blockade.





UCV belt and buckle in great condition!




CS Post War UCV buckle