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This flag is a GAR flag made in New Hampshire in the late 1800's

They had this made to symbolize the one they captured in the Civil War on

Pickets charge at Gettysburg. Captured by the 126th N.Y.

This one passed all the tests including black light! This is 28th North Carolina

Infantry Regiment, I'm sure it is a copy but it is all handmade stamped

property of GAR on it several times in red.

Not for Sale!




12 by 12 Parade flag from the early 1900's already framed


B 62


B 61

One of the oldest Confederate Veteran flags I own looks real

This one has been framed for many years so its in great shape.

I think this one is from the 1870's to 1880's

26 by 24


B 60

Ft Sumpter S.C. UCV Flag

This one shows signs of being flown


Nice size for a reunion flag hung at UCV Hall.



B - 59

This is a very old 1870's to 80's battle flag hand made,

the flag stars are individually sewn on both sides. The size is 22 by 22.

The pole is nearly nine foot with a metal staff top and yellow cord. Has three ties

and has a quarter inch lining around the flag this is as close as it gets to real.

Light almost see thru cotton like the real ones. This one came from Pa.





This is a really cool flag, its for the 1913 GAR Reunionat Gettysburg. It has some discoloring at the end of flag and

some small tears but its really cool. 32 in by 4 ft 6 inches.

Currently in Museum

B 56



48 stars

B 53

This flag came from the Arkansas Estate as well but no Veteran I'd.

Pretty large flag 3 ft by 5 ft

hand sewn stars


Has an old strap with it

Old repair as well

B 49

UCV flag framed with UCV printed on it. This is from the early 1900's

11 by 17 size made of cotton. This would have been on a small pole.





B 47

UCV Linen flag with part of the flag pole still attached!

Early 1900's

11 by 17





General LeRoy Stafford Camp #3 Shreveport, La.

Beautiful UCV flag with stenciling!

One of the nicest I own!

Camp Post 3

Dated 1913

Gettysburg 50th Reunion!

B 46





Birmingham Flag Collection!

Confederate Veteran Stars and Bars

This is an original flag came from an estate sale with pole and holder.

The pole has a metal point and metal pointed bottom just like a pike.

four foot by six foot

B 45




Flag is really large hard to photograph



metal bottom just like a real pike

flag holder



Arkansas Flag Collection

9 Star Arkansas State Flag!

This is another larger flag from the Commander V.Y. Cook collection and has 1895 dated on it with a six.This one is on a flag pole as well. The flag is printed. 37 by 17 inches.

B 43




1895 written on it


This is a UCV Banner with 28 stars that hung in a UCV Hall in Colusa California!

The hall was named after Confederate General Sterling Price. It was organized in Aug 6th 1901.

This banner was made at that time and it closed on May 11, 1940, when the last Veteran died at that post.

36 by 22 inches

B 42





This is an old faded UCV flag that looks to be machine and hand made.




Eastern Tennesssee UCV Hall

This is and old printed flag from the early 1920's

This one was hung on wall and glued on the corners

34 in by 23 in


glue spot on each corner

Eastern Tennessee UCV Hall

This is a larger flag from the 1900's this one is printed

4ft 10 in by 35 in wide

B 38




This one was hung at the top in UCV Hall and is torn on both top corners




This is one of the coolest and Rarest flags that you will ever see!

This is an exact copy that is just like the real Confederate Flag in Echoes of Glory!

28th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

The original flag was captured by the 126th New York at Pickett's Charge at

Gettysburg! Stamped property of GAR.


All hand cut and stiched even the stars are cut out and white stars sewen over cut outs.

Has small amount of damage to the H and Y and to the left stripe


1935 New Hampshire newspaper is stuck to back of flag from being wrapped all those years.


hand sewn grommets

Laconia N.H. stamped front and back of flag

Laconia N.H.

Property of GAR


Original box it was shipped in

Never left that city all those years

Echoes of Glory!




This is a great Ohio GAR Civil War Veteran flag from Columbus Ohio! This one is from around the turn of the

Century, 1900's! This has been professionally preserved, and framed.



Marked GAR Columbus Ohio!





This flag came from a UCV Hall in Hopkinsville, Ky.

This one is early 1900's 4 ft by 6 ft.



handsewn stars



Nice marked UCV flag this one is framed and saids Army of Northern Virginia!

(ANV) 3rd National flag professionally conserved and

framed 40 by 25 inches including frame

Flag is 34 by 17

B 30









UCV Flag for Confederate Veterans around 1930's.

Flag is printed.



3 by 5 ft




These are two UCV Banner flags! Folded in half for pic.

They are 10 feet long and two feet wide!

Top one came out of a UCV Hall in Louisville, Ky.

The Bottom one came with one of the S.C. uniform!






This is a very old hand sewn Confederate Veteran flag from the 19th Century

around 1890's. 4 foot by 6 foot. Hand sewen stars, and peiced togather.

This one is extremely nice!





zinc groumets!


This is a very large UCV flag has some staining 4 by 6 foot.

Handsewn and machine sewen.







This one is I'd and came from the 1904 Nashville Reunion!

Very smal UCV flag with gold writing and dated 1904!




Came from Springfield Tennessee J.C. Cain, 1st Tennessee


This is a UCV flag 3rd National with writing on it! It saids to our beloved commander W.R. Carrol " ",

(Camp Morton near Indianapolis Union prision camp) April 2nd 1925. Half of stick is still on flag.

The pole was removed and conserved and framed.



Professionally framed

UCV marked fan







Two picures of him with his name dated 1871 and 1874.

Both have W.R. Carrol,

he is from Louisiana!

UCV Banner

This banner came from Christian County Kentucky along with another one it is

over 10 foot long

This is one of the two folded in half.



13 Stars


Official WW 2 Patriot Flag, these were flown at Military special occassions,

Minuteman Flag! Pole is no longer with it.

This one is sewn identical on both sides.



US Army Flag



Period repair





Top of flag pole used for reunions of Stone Wall Jacksons UCV reunions

With 14 ft flag pole, 2 peices.




Stephen D. Lee UCV reunion flag Akins South Carolina

Commander of the UCV from 1904-1908!






Christian County Kentucky UCV flag, this one came with the long banner flag!



24th Alabama UCV flag this one was suspose to have been hung in Birmingham's

State Capital Building? I have no way of proving that so?

This flag is tied to a two peice pole! Flag is sewn togather in peices.

The flag has the stars cut out on the inside and the white stars sewen over the cut

outs,This makes them glow in the sun light.



Top of pole

Pole connectors

Removed from pole!







Mississippi UCV reunion flag





Small UCV Parade flag or grave flag on original pole from Memphis








Old 3rd National UCV reunion flag







Silk Pennant flag professionally framed and preserved.

GAR Rhode Island 1896 flag pennant 2nd, 3rd, and 7th Calvary reunion





This badge hung on the pole when the flag was flown in a parade.








1890's West Virginia UCV flag of the 2nd Brigade! Not all West Virginia was Northern!











12 UCV flags still in original wrapper came out of a UCV hall Knoxville.

Made in USA?








Confederate reunion 1899



S.C. UCV parade flag





UCV Parade or Grave flag 1920's


UCV Parade flag 1930's


Another 1930's Parade flag