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I am going to price some of hats if interested please let me know!








This is a turn of the century Stetson Confederate Veteran hat!

Has a silver wreath and a Texas button





This hat is an original Confederate Slouch Hat

The family didn't want the name included, but they did

say he served in Morgans Raiders.

My grandfather did as well I'm guessing Co H.


Not for sale




This is a Virginia Veteran Kepi!

Mclilly Mfg

This one is I'd but can't make the name out very well

written on sweat band from 1880's

Not for Sale



Eli J?


Pre Civil War Top hat from Rhode Island

Rhode Island plate is authentic and is made of tin I think

Hat got damaged in shipping! This hat was immaculate!

Has a museum Number inside hat liner too



liner has some damage

museum number on head band



Pre Civil War Top hat

Has bugle and hat cord one of the wire broken but displays great


wire loose

liner loose as well



Texas Estate

UCV slouch hat 1900's or late 1890's

Hat is all original looks like Stetson





Rare Florida Calvary Officer Slouch hat!

UCV 58 was in Jacksonville, Fla.

Has white Ostrich Quill with liner and I'd to W.W. Tucker

Calvary Hat is labled McLilly

Wounded at Shiloh and Chickamauga left as First Lt.





Indian War Artillery kepi with full Artillery Overcoat

Listed under Uniforms sold as a set

In Musuum






Old Militia or Civil War beaver skin top hat or similar.

Not really sure what it is? Really good shape for age.

I was told the hat is from the 1850's.




Linen Kepi Confederate? Confederate Veteran? Militia?

I have had several of these but not sure what this is?

This one is I'd to a Virginia soilder came with a 1989

letter from Larry Hicklin, and history.

Not for sale






Old Confederate Veteran kepi

Has eagle buttons with a small K

Probably dates in the 1870's to 1880's

Great Condition, came from NY.




US Veteran Hat

I'd to Andrew Merrit

w plaque from discharge dated 1886

He enlisted 1861 NY 1st Calvary Co B

This hat is really unique and matched I'd perfectly.







Indian War kepi model 1872

Looks all original very little mothing.




North Carolina UCV Confederate veteran Slouch hat

Has a beautiful North carolina ribbon with a star on it


A 127


A 126

Old UCV straw hat, came in box appears to be all original.

Probably warm climiate turn of the Century.






UCV Veteran Hat for Infantry



A 125





Authentic Civil War smaller slouch hat

Has some damage to crown so has been repaired inside.

This would have been an Officer hat very stiff with tears ect.

priced accordingly.


A 124




Old French Chapeau

Has the original head liner still intact

Not sure on age but I think around 1870's to 1890's era

This was worn side ways like Gen Washington wore.


A 123



Confederate Georgia Officer's Kepi

This one is from the 1880's

Probably a second Lt.

Came out of Middle Tennessee was with Forrest stuff

A 121





Identified Confederate Officer (Hardee Type) Slouch hat

This hat looks to be made from an 1855 Federal Hardee hat, not great shape,

but rare as hens teeth! This hat is just a real peice of Civil War Tennessee history!

The crown was lowered with a crude poor stitching, the hat was aquired in the 70's

from an antique dealer in Sharpsburg Maryland. This was most likely a war trophy brought up North.

The sweat band is I'd to James Jackson Tenn Calvary CSA 4th Co. B (this mean't possibly Forrest)

Has a complete analysis and paper work from a Civil War museum curator from Gettysburg, Pa.

The paperwork I'd this to a Surgeon 4th Tenn Calvary Co. B

A 122

Not for sale






Authentic Confederate (Hardee) Slouch Type Hat

This hat looks to be pre Civil War and is in

awesome shape for its age, Has one side bent up with Confederate C button

Not sure if this will ever be sold, this was a war trophy taken up North came from New York out of a museum.

This hat is nearly mint! Great condition! Extremely rare! The hat is not a Federal Mfg hat!

A 121

not for sale







This is a Confederate Veteran Virginia Infantry kepi

It is in great shape! McLilly 1880's to 1890's Looks

like a very early one with this makers mark.

A 117





Confederate Veteran Slouch hat from the early 1900's

Missing sweatband

A 115



Civil War Hardee Hat

Calvary Co 1

US Army size 4

This one has an old repair probably from surplus

they use to cut a small bite out of them before they were sold.

Has some issues but actually pretty nice!

A 111




old repair



Texas Veteran Hat I'd

Texas Volunteers!

Around 1890's early 1900's

A 110



Part of the tag of the old hat band that was discarded


Civil War Hat

This is a Mississippi Infantry hat came with vest and pouch.

This one was there, came out of a Tennessee Estate.

Even button is not centered, came this way.

A 109



Old Civil War Mississippi picture

A 108

This is a SC Confederate Veteran Kepi. Has the old CSA hat badge

This one is in excellent shape but missing the hat band.

Probably from the turn of the Century.





A 102

Indian War Slouch Hat

This has Civil War Officer Insignia and hat cord






A 101


GAR Signal Hat with GAR Hat Cord!

probably from around the 1900's.

This is a very Rare hat.



A 99

This is a Confederate Veterans Officers Slouch hat! This guy was suspose to have been

with Forrest 1909 reunion but do not have all the details yet.

This one is absolutely one of the finest known to exist from the late 1880's

This one came from up North but was originally from Memphis,Tennessee.

Not for sale




A 98

Lousiana I'd kepi 9th Infantry John Colbert Co C

Severly wounded Chancelorsville, Va. arm amputiated!

UCV Pettibone Kepi





This is a 1st Tennessee Veteran hat. The 1st was at Gettysburg led by Gen. Archer. with Archers Brigade.

They were to the left of Pickett and the majority of them got killed or captured and sent to prision in

Westminster, Maryland. This hat was purchased in Chattanooga, Tn. Probably early 1910 to 1920.

Maybe at the big 1913 reunion? This one came from West Tennessee

A 90

Not for sale




A 89

This is a beautiful Civil War Calvary slouch hat with cockade button holding the Ostrich feather.

This one looks great to me. The hat has a Hardee pin the top wire is broken but it is really cool.

The side could have been pinned up!



Calvary Button



This is a Texas hat! The hat is old could be real!

The Texas star looks old as well, the ribbon and cross sabers show where

they have been there along time. The red cloth has been there along time as well!

A 86

not for sale





Really old hat band


A 85

West Tennessee UCV hat from Memphis, Tn.

with 19th Tennessee Cockade 1890's?

I'd hat came with Vincent Uniform.


Gold Bullion

I don't know if this is a Civil war or Post War Cockade!

It is hand sewn.




Texas Kepi I'd to Bradford Hancock!

Texas 26th Debray Calvary

Have his Wallet, Kepi, Southern Cross and a WW1 medal


A 84







These are some of the items that came with it!

Texas flag is listed under flags!


This is a Georgia UCV Parade Helmet!

These were used in the parade bands in the early 1900's

This one has Georgia buttons and was used in UCV Parades.

A 80






Has name under band have not researched yet



This is a Confederate UCV Kepi!

This is one of the oldest ones I own, not sure if this is Civil war or just after,


A 79

Not for sale



Authentic Confederate Georgia Kepi!

This looks to be a State Issued Georgia Kepi with documentation letter.

Letter of authencity came with it. This

was made in the the early 1860's.

A 78

On Layaway



Confederate Vetern Slouch hat!

has UCV and Veteran hat cord late 19th Century

A 76



Medical Officers Slouch Hat from 1920's

Could be UCV or GAR?









This is a Union Officer Slouch Hat! Has the Hardee pin, Ostrich feather, and correct trim and cord!

This is a Period Civil war Slouch hat!

A 70








South Carolina Volunteers!

How about this one, my new favorite! South Carolina Slouch Hat!

Has a Cockcade with period SC button, Also Cord and SC patch,

this one is just too cool! Not sure if this is Civil war period hat but looks to be.

A 68


not for sale


Period Officers Hat Cord! SC Emblem!




Butternut Georgia Veteran kepi! This one and the jacket are I'd to the 1st Georgia, name in hat and uniform.

Initals in hat, name on Shell Jacket. This is a very old kepi as well.

A 65

Not for sale

I think this is the nicest Butternut Kepi I have.

Matching set, same liners and everything!





Initals N. K. Nelson?

A 64

This hat is I'd to a SC Citadel Cadet Infantry named Orlando Sheppard

Has his name and Charleston printed inside of hat. 1900's era.





Orlando Sheppard Charleston



UCV or Civil War hat with authentic Artillery badge and hat cord!

Not sure on the age of this one Civil War?

A 58


Hat cord and badge are Civil war period.

Civil War Infantry cord



Musician Chappeau with Ostrich feather not sure on age.

It may be from the Post Civil War Era or after it was made by Ames Sword Co.

A 52








UCV Veteran hat with cord and Infantry symbol. at may be Civil War or Indian war?

This one is very old as well. Guessing 1890's.

A 51






This was either a UCV kepi from the late 19th century/ early 20th. It is gray with the

number 6 (probably camp #) old UCV buttons on it.

Camp 6 was Petersburg, Va. Typical Georgia style kepi.

A 46




UCV buttons











UCV Kepi, this is the earliest one I have ever seen. This was made right at the end of the Civil War!

This one is really nice, close to a real one. Real? 1860's to 1870's.

A 44

Not for sale



Silver Georgia buttons.



Cloth hat band liner


This is a Confederate Slouch Hat. It may be reunion but I think it is real. It came with some Confederate item

that were real. Has authentic Infantry hat cord! This one is from North Carolina! It is known as a Beehive

Slouch Hat! This is an authentic Confederate Slouch hat. 1850's to 1860's.

A 43



Not for sale



Has curled up sides!



No sweat band.


Echoes of Glory example of a Confederate Slouch Hats!



I'd Louisiana Slouch hat, Commander Charles Harvey Levy UCV Camp #3, Shreveport, La.

Has silver Louisiana Corp badge as well. Confederate Navy. This hat is very large!

3rd Regiment French Brigade, La. 1890's

A 40

Not for sale














Nice UCV Slouch hat with 204 which was Pickets camp,

Calvary Hat with ostrich feather! Texas, or I think could be Miss?

This one from the 1880's to 1890's.

A 39

Not for sale



Texas? Mississippi?






This is an extremely nice butternut UCV kepi. This one has virginia buttons.

this is the nicest one I own. This one is made by MC Lilly Co. Columbus, Ohio.

1870's to 1880's era.


A 38

Not for sale





Extremely Rare UCV kepi, Robert E. Lee with Lee buttons from the late 1800's.

This is one of the rarest UCV kepis you will ever see. The C.V. Camp was founded in Alexanderia,

Va. July 7th 1884. This is one of the rarest I have.

not for sale.

A 37


REL Robert E. Lee



strings on side




A 35

Nashville kepi very old with 1904 logo

from reunion!



Stetson hat box from the 1900's era!

A 34



Old UCV CSA hat has sides rolled up like a real CS hat.

This hat could be real and used by a veteran!

A 32


Texas Star on side!

Very old hat!



UCV Stetson hat with price tag $12.95 inside

Late 1940's

A 31





A beautiful Stetson UCV hat. Looks like it was hardly worn.





This is another Texas Slouch hat from the same collection. It is from San Antonio, Texas

very nice with a Texas pin and Ostrich feather as well. The hat band has the Mfg. but I can't make it out to see

how old it is! 1860's?

Not for Sale

A 29



Texas Star




Civil War Calvary crossed saber emblem


There is a logo inside but I can't make it out.



Early 1900's

UCV straw hat very popular in the South.

This one is from the turn of the century.

Black hat cord Chaplain?

A 24







27th Alabama UCV kepi, This one is close to a real Confederate Kepi.

A 23

Not for sale


Headband is missing has Alabama map buttons Scovill and Waterbury




Alabama Map buttons Scovill and Waterbury






Authentic Late Civil War!


Charles E. Harrington, Chaplin 3rd Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers, organized Camp Berry

Concord, New Hampshire, old writting on sweat band inside. Enlisted in the Civil War 9/9/1862 in Co. "A"

New Hampshire 16th Infantry, served in the 3rd, and mustered out 8/20/1863 at Concord, N.H. His hat says

he was in the New Hampshire National Guard. This hat is a real Civil War period Kepi. also known as a

Officer kepi. I think this one is close but the size sticker makes me think its after war.

A 22











New Hampshire ladder badge for National Guard with hat!




This kepi is a French style not sure exactly what it is but it sure looks Confederate.

This is a Red Artillery Kepi I'd to Arthur Lee Rogers residence Loudoun County Va. He was in theVa

Loudoun Light Artillery wounded at Chancellorsville, Va. promoted to Major 9/26/1862

.His name is on the inside of the hat found at an antique store in Loudon Co.Virginia. This had a very nice

blue liner inside that was torn out. Its funny this hat was in this area 150 years. Has his name inside.

A 21

not for sale

Artillery Major French made kepi


Major A.L.Rogers

Virginia Loudon Light Artillery (not sure if this is a tag or what) its the way it came.




Va.buttons missing? You can see that it had buttons on the side?


Has a rounded French visor

Old gold trim around inside head band name inside sweat band

Had a light blue lining inside as well all missing except remanants.


This is a Confedererate Georgia UCV butternut kepi.

It is hand sewen and in excellent condition. Has very old liner!

This one is close to Civil war age!

A 20

Not for sale















This is an Authenic Confederate McDowell Kepi Pre War 1850's. It has period logos

South Carolina Volunteers. Has a name wrote inside Underwood from a museum. It was

suspose to be with the South Carolina Calvary the only one is J.J. Underwood 6th Calvary.

This one was sold as UCV but it is REAL!


Not for Sale in Museum

A 19

South Carolina Volunteers



South Carolina Volunteers

Confederate flower buttons

Lining is great !


This recently came from Georgia as well and I feel it could be a medical kepi.

I have never seen one beforThe liner is all hand stitched and may have been restitched.

I think this is Medical may be post war? Not sure?

A 18



made of silver



Very old kepi buttons as well Eagle design.





Liner looks old like real ones





Very nice Virginia Kepi was used as UCV hat, this one has a very old CSA Wreath it has the screw on pin sort

of like a Southern Cross. Typical Georgia style kepi but have several from Virginia just like it!

A 16









definetly post war



1860's Arkansas Artillery Slouch Hat!

This is a Civil War hat, has Artillery badge on front with Artillery cord on hat.

Came out of an Arkansas estate! This one is an authentic Civil War hat!

Has tear on side!

A 15

not for sale

Artillery badge on front Artillery cord is faded almost brown.

Artillery Hat Cord







This is a Confedererate Lousiana Slouch hat with a Secession Cockade 1860's star and button.

It is in fine condition. This is a Civil War Hat!

This symbolized the new nation and susport of the Rebel Confederacy.

One of the nicest things I own. This one is really cool.

A 14

not for sale





Louisiana button on badge vintage 1860




Beautiful Lt. Grey Stetson with UCV wreath and hat cord 20th century hat Post War.

Liner is loose, late 1940's 1950's

A 12







lining is loose









Post War Hat is with Hanes uniform.

Beautiful 20th century Stetson dress hat all original

Has CV (confedereate veterans) logo with hat cord.

Late 1940's to 1950's.

A 11






Civil War Virginia Slouch Hat!

This hat came out of Bristol Virginia with insignia and hat cord directly from family, authentic civil war hat?

This is a Civil War Slouch hat!

Its just so cool to see these relics come out. This would have been in the Artillery.

not for sale at this time

A 10