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UCV Mallot form 50th Anniversary of Gettysburg

Chattanooga Tn. 1913


E 52





E 51

Presitne 1934 Chattanooga SCV medal on cardboard



Commander Medal with some ribbon left

I'd Lee O Miller

Robert E Lee Camp 1

Found with uniform Va Colonel Uniform

not for sale

E 50



This is another Brass North Carolina drum it has both heads damaged this is the bottom.

This is a pre war drum. Usually Confederate.

E 49





This is a Pre Civil war drum that was found in N.Y.

This drum is from the 1840's to 1850's and has George Washington

painted on the front in his uniform.

There is a name inside the drum saids ( R or B ) the only Green listed in the U.S. Army from

Parish N.Y. is Birdsley Green he was in the Infantry and the Calvary two different times.

It has one head broken but it is pretty nice!

This was suspose to have been carried in the Civil War by Green.


E 48









Civil war Era Bugle?

Calvary with cord. Back has alot of dents

Calvary Cord

Stowasser Budipest Mfg










Post War Era Bugle? Indian war?









Post War Era? Indian War?






Sheffield knife and fork set, Civil War?



These are very rare Hardee hat pins for Shakos!








Massachussetts Haverhack

Co. 123 rd Regt.

Mass. State Civil War Issue!


E 37







GAR Drum that was repainted still has label inside!





Has GAR Post 248




This is a Civil War metal shell drum. Not sure on the maker of this one, some are made by Memphis Novelty Works.

This one came out of North Carolina! This one is hand made and has been hammered out of Brass or Copper.

It also came with a little metal stand it was in a Museum in Tennessee.





This UCV flag

Authentic Civil War Base Drum

Put in GAR Hall after the War

Original Civil War Base drum. This is the real deal! it has a tag inside which saids Geo-Southerland

Argentine 1861 with painted Eagle! GAR Post 363

from Clio, Michigan. This was saved when the hall closed!




Came out of a GAR Hall! This one carried by Michigan troops.


Very nice 1858 canteen with strap and original cover, cork with chain stopper.

Has a fairly good push on one side.





Set of Civil War Captians bars





Drum Late19th century






Old strap made of nylon and leather






Civil War field desk, came with a Confederate sword,

has a pen and ink well inside.











Brass Bugle 1860's? Could not find any writing on it anywhere.

With Authentic Artillery cord and tag with GAR logo from GAR Hall!








Drum with one drum stick could be Civil War or Post war has no label inside.

Has metal eyelets but I see alot of civil war pictures with these kinds of eyelets also.

Has original heads.




close up of drum stick




Original Confederate/Militia? Haverack. Very small size not sure what

it was used for. Has original sling with canvas covered with

tar just like back packs. Maybe used for personal items.





Harp and housewife?



1858 canteen with an unusual strap came from Tennessee probably used as Confederate






Identified bulleyes Confederate canteen to

27th Alabama

Has unusal cover, strap, and letters stamped on spout,

D.J. Hall Rohrman


Strap is unusual as well made from gun st

Medical set?





Green cover on canteen came with a green kepi is it a Medical canteen?

If you know anything about this please let me know.



original stopper chain and sling.



Confedererate Canteen

Really nice canteen with stripped cover has name written inside of strap W. Kelly also spout

has Philad. H & B. Co. engraved has stopper and chain and nice strap

This canteen was found on a battlefield in Gettyburg, Virginia 4th Calvary had a man with

the name W. Kelly, it is written on the strap. There is only 1 listed in that unit.

not for sale


Bulls eye canteen with stripped cover







First Light Infantry Colonel Epaulettes



Pair of Rhode Island First Light Infantry Epaulettes with box., with matching milita hat.

Silk Civil War Rhode Island 3rd, 2nd & 7th Cavalry Reunion Guidon, Ribbon, Insignia and Documents GAR flag and accessories

Has been professsionally framed and sealed to protect it. not for sale


E 11


GAR Calvary reunion and medal Aug 4th 1896










Pre Civil War drum called shell drum original heads. One head broken.







1860's snare drum original heads.


E 9

Silver eyelets Post War or Civil War



These epauletts have original blue cloth on top one is missing the brass key. They are stamped with the date 1859 and makers mark

inside. They still have the leather on the inside no tin box









Lt. Shoulder Strap for Civil War Uniform



I found this one in Kentucky in a burned up old log home when I was a child. Not for sale