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United Confederate Veteran and Confederate Veteran

The UCV uniforms that I am showing are authenic reunion uniforms,

they were made after the Civil War for reunions and were not war time uniforms.

I list them for you to enjoy like I do. Alot of them have

real Civil War accessories and some look like they are real! Some are Real!

This is my display at the Franklin Tn. Civil War Show Dec 2014!

Some of my Collection!



Some of the hats!


My Great Granfather was in the 2nd Kentucky Calvary with John Hunt Morgan.

Here are a few items.

His 1924 Memphis UCV medal, you can see him wearing it in his picture.

Back of Medal

Joseph Jullian Hays enlisted as J.J. Hayes (Hays)






General John hunt Morgan a CDV taken from a real picture

in Hopkinsville, Ky.






Hopkinsville Ky. where I was born.



This is an original Confederate Survivors medal in its original box from the 1870's!


Not For Sale!

Forrest Company A Reunion Composite!

Very Rare! Nashville Tennessee!

This is only one of a couple of these known to exist. Alot of repros out there.



Note N.B. Forrest had two Colored Body Guards they are both pictured in the right bottom of this picture.


This a Morgans Radiers Lapel pin

his name is engraved on the back

H.B. Rigg 4th Ky Cav Company




U 107


Virginia Comander Uniform with vest, one of the nicest I've ever had.

Has Colonel stars and general schroling on sleeves

Virgina Staff buttons I'd to Commander Lee O Miller





Best of the best!

Comander medal came in tail pocket




Virginia UCV Artillery Shell Jacket

Major stars Virgina vest or cuff buttons

One of the nicest I've ever owned

U 106






Thgis is a Civil War Vest had a noted dated 1849 in pocket

Excellent shape with bone buttons

The vest came from the same guy with the UCV Shell Jacket but its much older

Not sure it was involved with any Civil war items, came from South Bend Ind.

U 105





Really old Confederate Veteran Shell jacket hand sewn

sleeve schrolling, with fancy stiching on back as well. Has one Tenn button

the rest are UCV buttons. Came with a real Confederate Uniform.

Has buttons for looks on outside and metal ones that button coat on the inside.

U 104

button inside brass ones outside




Small Missouri Shell Jacket

2nd Lt (Sterling Silver bars)

US Eagle buttons tin backs

Some mothing

U 103








Had a silk liner someone removed most of it?


This is a nice Officers Uniform with all unmarked UCV buttons.

The uniform has some of the lining loose but it is all there and in good shape.

The uniform has high ranking Officer schroling on sleeves, but no insignia.

1880's or 1890's. 16 UCV button and 4 cuff.

Has Generals Schroling on sleeves.

U 100





This is an I'd Commander Generals Uniform!

He was in the 1916 Washington D.C. SCV Convention

This is about as nice as it gets. He was at Harry Heth Camp 119

Washington, D.C. Promoted to Adj. Gen. 1921, Rhode with 24th Va Calvary

U 96

W. L. Wilkerson

Promoted from Major to Commander Adj. General 1921

Harry Heth Camp 119 Washington, D.C.








Gen. W. L. Wilkerson



The pants and uniform have matching numbers printed inside them







This is a rare UCV Forrest Reunion Vest from 1901!

Memphis, Tn.

U 94




Raphael Semmes Camp

This was hung at UCV Hall 11 Mobile, Alabama in 1909

Hugh R. Crichton

Major UCV uniform MC Lilly with old gray UCV back buttons

He was a 2nd Lt. in the Second North Carolina Infantry.


This was written and signed by Judge Safford Berney


The uniform is very small I don't have a manequin that small right now.

It is in very good shape with only slight mothing.

U 93

very nice schroling on sleeves


UCV Buttons are dated July 1875

Mfg Tag missing (MC Lilly)


This is one of my best uniforms! This one is I'd to a Dr./ Capt. from Charleston, SC.

The Officer was a Captian, look at the black collar and shoulder straps.

This one could be a real uniform it even has pockets and heavy gold schroling on the sleeves.

The straps are Civil War! The buttons are marked HT & B Manchester and are Civil War era as well.

The cuff buttons are Horstman Allien. Surgeons Uniform!

Real Civil War South Carolina Shoulder Straps.

Cofederates did not use shoulder straps very often very few are known.

U 92








Van Wart


Tail buttons were in pockets and have been resewn



Alabama Map Button Vest

This is a high quality vest with Alien buttons

U 91





MC Lilly Veteran Shell Jacket, this one has Post War Confederate I buttons

and the bottom one is a Tennessee button.

U 87





I have had several of these they were all made by MC Lilly 1880's

Great Shell Jacket I'd to 1st Georgia

Came with a Butternut I'd kepi as well

This a very rare Georgia set!

M.K. Nelson

The best one I own.

U 86








This is a really nice Confederate Veteran Uniform has authentic

Georgia State Seal buttons with Mintzer backmarks and the

bottom two are Van Warts! originally had tail pockets only

one survived this one is about as close to real as it gets.


Not for sale!

With Militia Two Peice Eagle Plate

U 84




This is an Artillery/ Infantry Officers uniform with sash!

Inside of the coat with lining and remains of one tail pocket!


One tail pocket still there!


This uniform could very well be real!


Civil War period Georgia State Seal Buttons

2nd Lt. Bars on collar

Artillery Stripes on sleeves


Eagle Buttons on tail of coat




This is again one of the nicest UCV uniform I have ever purchased!

this is an I'd Calvary Frock Coat is is gorgeous!

I'd to J. H. Vincent Tenn. 19th Calvary served with Forrest!

I have only seen a few UCV uniforms like this and they were always with Forrest.

Came with hat as well A- 85 with 19th Cockade on it.


U 83


This a Tennessee uniform but the Texas belt came from same person probably

didn't go togather but looks great! The Badges did not come with it either.


Large Dunn UCV buttons the rarest of UCV buttons.

Rank of Major

Has beautiful schroling and 3 cuff buttons of same kind in each cuff.




This one has black buttons to button the inside of the coat as well.



Manufactured between 1874 and 1882


tail pockets!

This is an I'd Tennessee Confederate Survivors Assoc. Uniform and Vest. These

existed before the Confederate Veterans (CV) or United Confederate Veterans (UCV).

The uniform is James K. Polk Gilliland from close to Cookeville, Tn.

The Uniform and vest both have M.C. Lilly buttons and tags. Also the

Vest still has the original paper with his order listed on the form. He was

in the Tennessee 8th Infantry. This is the nicest uniform I have ever purchasaed!

The sash in an authentic Confederate one that came with it.

Lt. Colonel!

U 8

This is a Tennessee Confederate Survivors Badge!

Tennessee Division!

This did not come with it but he would have had one of these.


U 82



Best of the Best!



This uniform was made the the 1870's with Tennessee buttons.


The original order tag still sewn inside the vest, my guess the vest was never worn.

Note orders Tenn. buttons, 1874.


Tennessee Vest with Tennessee buttons!

Still has the order tag sewn inside of it.


The lining is nice and has tail pockets and inside pocket just like real ones.

Side pocket on Frock Coat!


MC Lilley from 1874 till 1882!



Real Confederate short Sash!



MC Lilley Presentation Sword came with it but the sheath was missing!

U 81

This is an 1860 style which was made in the 1870's for both sides

Blade is gold!





James K. Polk Gilliand

This is the rarest N.B. forrest Badge came with picture wearing it.

U 81

Lt Col. wearing this badge!

Maybe Arkansas?

U 80





UCV Calvary Shell Jacket

This one is really nice with Alabama buttons.


U 79






This is a really nice dress UCV or CV uniform made by the M.C. Lilly Co. from Columbus in the 1870's

It has all matching Kentucky buttons, epaulettes and Sargent stripes, made this is a real uniform!

Came with UCV items. His name is written inside of coat. Probably for a Sargent of Arms?

This Veteran wore this for reunions?

I'd John Whitehead 7th Calvary Morgans Raiders!

U 78








Confederate Veteran

This is a fine Double Breasted Officers Uniform such as a Lt.

Has Confederate Eagle buttons marked Superior Quality.

The belt is a period Indian war belt and buckle!

U 77










Confederate Veteran!

UCV uniform with UCV belt has name I'd inside of coat and pants. Has the name Chewning there are several listed

not sure which one he is. Can't be sure of first initial. Not sure but I

think it was Thomas H. Chewning

served in North Carolina 3rd Light Artillery.


Point Lookout Md. until 3/21/1865.

U 76






pants have name in them too.

Rare UCV belt.







Confederate Veteran!

UCV/GAR belt made out of Post War buttons, mostly Musician buttons.

U 74


North Carolina UCV

This one is in rough shape, but still pretty cool.

No ID has Southern Cross and a Made of Honor ribbon and NC Pin









H.B. Smith

This is from Asheville as well!

Southern Cross application with cross

U 73



Confederate Veteran!

UCV uniform 1890's to 1900's belonging to private William Dillahunty

with engraved UCV Southern Cross and an unusual UCV medal.

He was in the 7th Tennessee (Duckworth's Calvary) Forrests old unit.

Large UCV Dunn Buttons

U 72




very old UCV badge with inscribed Southern Cross

7th Tennessee (Forrests Unit)


Old lining



Confederate Colonel Coat!

I think this ones real!

This is an Officer Double Breasted Frock coat with 13 star Confederate

Staff Officer buttons with Superior Quality backmarks. It has some mouse damage

but it was a really fine coat when it was made.

The lining is missing on the bottom if it had tail pockets? I'd say its a real uniform.


U 71

The stars are kind of the way a Generals coat looks without the wreath!

















This is George Barnes Shelbys speech he gave to the daughters of the Confederacy

when they gave him his Southern Cross. The town of Shelby Mississippi is named after him.

He was in CS Adams Calvary and died in Memphis in 1909. The speech he gave is 14

pages front and back. Has 2 UCV ribbions, original picture, and letter, with the

Southern Cross still inside of the box it came in.

U 70

Two UCV reunion ribbons



George Barnes Shelby original picture same one in the Civil War data base


His original southern Cross still in box

Confederate Veteran!

Nice Mississippi UCV unlined with post War Miss. Eagle buttons, also

has pants, this is a really old style similar to shell jacket but its a Frock

coat 7 button in a really small size. Has I'd items with it.

U 69



I'd ladder badge to M. Moses, served in Tenn. 24th, Army of Mississippi under Stewart, and also Army

of central Kentucky.

U 68

Served in the Mississippi Calvary Co 1

UCV Collar emblem

This is the first one of these I have seen.


Star stick pin on collar for Mississippi

These are very rare.

M. Garmon Southern Cross, I cleaned the name alittle too good.


M.M. Garmon



Post War Mississippi buttons


1930's UCV Ribbon with medal on it.

U 65


from the 1930's

UCV Confederate Veteran flag came with UCV badges and uniform



Capt. Thomas P. Brown Southern Cross 3rd Alabama



Confederate Veteran!

27th Alabama UCV uniform

Early uniform with 27th kepi!

U 64


1870's original UCV 27th Alabama belt and buckle,

This buckle is really rare! Only a couple of these around!

Really came this way too.

not for sale





Inside liner missing head band




27th Alabama Kepi UCV with Alabama Map buttons







UCV canteen saids Jackson, Miss reunion 1891

Indian war canteen painted gray

U 62





These were found in the pocket of a uniform maybe him and his wife a confederete bullet, eagle button, I

had the Gen. Forrest coin thought it looks good with group.


1899 UCV of South Carolina Sash

U 61


South Carolina Palmetto Trees

Small chain holding it togather


Captain Mark Cohen Charleston S.C.

Tag that was on SC Dr UCV Uniform



My Great grandfather rode with Morgans Raiders, I found this very special to me.


These are the personal items of Col. Nathan B. Deathrage.

He enlisted in the Confederate Army at the age of 18.

He served in Company B, Eleventh Kentucky Cavalry, a part of the command of Gen. John Hunt Morgan,

During one of the raids he was captured and held in Federal prison for 19 months.

He was Vice president of the Morgans Men Association in Lexington Ky. until

his death May 23rd 1932 at the age of 88. He was Commander of the Kentucky UCV division from

1926 until 1931 and Inspector General of Kentucky UCV Division 1924.


This can be bought but must go as a set!

U 59

















His picture in the late 20's he was over eighty in this picture




Comander of Kentucky ladder badge

Montgomery Alabama



Commander badge Montgomery 1931





Canteen UCV badge has small cork inside.



Atlanta UCV Pin 1919




Inspector General of Kentucky Badge 1924 Memphis, Tn.

Back Red ribbon is missing.




Inspector General of Kentucky








Lapel pin Kentucky Calvary All of Morgans men wore these.





Back has no name




His Southern Cross no name, the Calvary pin, the Southern Cross, and the Commander badge were all

in the top pocket of his UCV General coat.











Newspaper clipping 1932 on his death




17 Morgans Raiders left signed and dated by him on the back Dec 17th 1909.

Note all of them have a lapel pin like the one I have.

He is sitting in the center and looks like a much younger man than the rest of them.

I have all of there names as well.



Back of picture maybe a gift? Compliments of N.B.Deathrage Dec. 17th 1909.




Back of Picture


Nathan B. Deathrage

General UCV Frock Coat This is a Pettibone jacket made in Cinn. Ohio


Has Authentic CS two peice belt and buckle and Generals Silk Sash






Silk generals sash with out two peice officer CS buckle


Generals Sash made of Silk


without sash


General Insignias



General Insignas







This is his Commander of Kentucky presentation document.

It has a wax seal of the Confederacy dated 1889

Dated 3rd day of April 1926



Wax Seal of Confederacy



Signed by W.B. Freeman Commanding General New Orleans




Signed by Harry Rene Lee Adjutant General and Cheif of State





This is his actual dress officers belt, it has the red colored CS on original belt, with gold Officers sash.









Authentic Civil War Frock Coat!

This Major is real , it has several South Carolina buttons marked Horstman & Allien has no

lining. Made out of Jean cloth? Very small size.

Faded gray with pleats at waste, this is really cool. The stars on the collar and the trim on the uniform are

authenic as well. I have had several dealers look at this and i've been told this one is real.

Confedererate stars and trim and exactly like a real one. No lining inside.

Has nine inch balloon sleeves and a balloon skirt!

Red sash is authentic Civil War nicest I own.

U 57


Makers mark on bottom of sash




Confedererate Stars (real stars)



Double breasted S.C. buttns. Marked Horstman & Allen

some have been resewn.



Civil War Snake buckle on uniform

added for looks did not come with it.

This badge came with it not sure it is his uniform or not?



Bone handle walking cane dated 1864 not sure when it was made came with a UCV uniform and was

suspose to be from

a battle in Tennessee. This could be period or UCV. probably tree branch cut down and made into a cane

from a battlefield.

U 55







Id'ed UCV vest with UCV pin still on vest On the back of the vest has Lt Jones written inside

.I'd L.C. Jones Ark 31st Infantry Company H.










U 50

Major Uniform

Major Pleasant Henderson Hanes of the the one and only Hanes underwear. He was in the N.C. Calvary and

he is posing in this very uniform it came with his pants and suspenders also. He has his Stetson Hat on

and actually signed the picture standing on his front porch. The picture has his

signature standing on the porch in 1923. The vest is also with it. Pretty cool huh. Also has an original

program of the 39th annual reunion United

Confederate Veterans Charolette N.C. The program is from

1929 has a Hanes ad inside, also shows a picture of the house where the picture was taken.







His signed picture, standing on the porch of his home.



Vest for Hanes uniform


Back of vest

Inside of Hanes coat

UCV Program from this reunion (original) It saids on the bottom the thining Ranks of Gray.







His home where the picture was taken





Hanes ad inside of program


Pleasant Hanes UCV coat The vest and pants are with the set as well, and Stetson hat.

The sleeves are very nice coat is in great condition

Louisiana UCV with beautiful red sash and a real Louisiana Corp badge.

This is one of the most beautiful uniforms I have ever seen It looks like

it could get up and walk away. This sash came with it.

U 48




Louisiana buttons



With a real corp badge made of silver.



Back of uniform, total of 18 large buttons and 6 cuff buttons

with beautiful red piping sash is period turn of the century as well.







This is an original butternut Georgia UCV it has brown stripes on the collars and sleeves

it has Eagle buttons as well. The uniform came with a set of pants with a brown stripe down the side.

U 47






UCV with large buttons(rare) has original frame buckle on a 1900's leather belt.

He was suspose to have worn this buckle in the Civil War. The uniform

came with these items along with a banner from Christian Co. Ky

U 46





Real non dug frame buckle on a 19th century leather belt

U 45


Rare Virginia UCV Shell Jacket the lining was removed,

Look at the lettering on the collar, and the stripe on right sleeve.

U 44










Brass UCV collar Look at green on letters


VA on collar these are studs bent on on inside of collar

Virginia buttons



Va Shell Jacket back



Identified Col Uniform rode with Mosby. Has Virginia buttons name inside jacket pocket

and taylor who made it. This jacket was designed for the 50th Gettysburg reunion in 1913.

Right hand man of Mosby! Has some light mothing.


Not for sale

U 40