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Uniform Item


Artillery Union Indian War Overcoat

This one is made by Horstman with Artillery kepi

Late 1800's has Horstman label with black lining

1880s? to 1890's? Prestine!

UN 28


In Museum






Missing one button


I beleive this is a late war hand made Confederate Uniform.

Has all the characteristics ans is a second Lt. Looks to be untouched

and all originial! I was told it came from Tennessee.

Has civil war dated buttons all original as well.

Not for Sale

UN 27





This a Mississippi Milita Uniform from the 1890's to 1900's

Navy blue missing a couple buttons, I have some of them

will have them reattached.


UN 26



buttons say Mississippi






Alabama Guard

1870's Alabama Double Breasted Artillery Officers Uniform.

The was a real uniform used after the Civil War when the Confederate

States were allowed to re arm themselves.

probably Blue originally.


UN 25






1870's Alabama Gurad Infantry Uniform

Has 18 large and 6 cuff Alabama buttons, Jacob Reeds and Son

The uniform is the original navy color they used, and has some badly mothed areas, with

original sash waiting to get epaulettes that came with it as well.

Real Officers Uniform!

UN 24

double breasted 14 buttons

cuff buttons 3 per sleeve

Dark green lining its in good shape



This is one of the finest College Hill Swords made with original scabbard.

This sword has clear markings blade is in great shape this is in my personal collection.

Since Nashville fell so early these swords in this condition are very rare.

UN 23












Confederate Grouping!

This is a Confederate vest came with this leather pouch and Top Hat. The

Hat has Mississippi I button and the Eagle I buttons are on vest as well. The pouch looks like it

has a name can't make it out. Everything is original came out of a Tennessee Estate.


UN 21




Civil War eagle I buttons

Civil War Button shows it has always been there.

Confederate Officers Silk Sash!

UN 20





NCO sling with sword, all original.

NCO Sword Emerson Silver 1862.

I no longer have the uniform

UN 19





Civil War Frock Coat

West Virgina Calvary Frock jacket with red sash and 1851 eagle waist belt plate with sword hanger. This has a set of gloves in the belt and a real cape for the jacket with beaver skin collar. Look at the knots on the cape cord. It also came with the Sheradin beaver skin hat listed under hats.

UN 18






Tail pockets

This belt has matching set of numbers and all sword hangers 302


Civil war gloves


This is a beaver skin collar cape that came with the West Virginia uniform





This is a Great Coat a friend of mine had that I have now aquired, This is a Confederate Great Coat.

This one has the Lion clasp hook and chain and has Major stars on the collar.

I feel this is a Confederate Veteran item as it was sold to me, made by French or English

I beleive this is Post War 1870's to 1890's

UN 17


Handsewn collar lining

Inside lining



back of Major star attachment

cloth is sepperating at collar

Pre Civil War National Lancers I'd Corporal with Civil War history. One seam has come loose on shoulder. Very rare not for sale at this time. I have since had this professionally repaired and it is perfect. 1840's to 1850's. The uniform appears to have blood on it in the chest area. Very rare uniform.

UN 18

One of the only ones known to have survived



















1850's National Lancer




This a pre civil War Milita jacket with original eagle buttons and artillery insignias. It is I'd but hard to make out. It came with an 1830's sling with an eagle sword and shoulder plate often used by confederate troops.

UN 15

1850's Milita Uniform Massachussets area



















artillery insignia






Eaglehead sword
















This is an original Connecuit National Guard buckle, could be war or post war the CNG started in 1865 or 1866, was added to the uniform because they go togather the belt leather is not that good. The uniform looks great and has all buttons(close to 50)

UN 14


Civil war age Conn. Nat'l Guard (CNG) Officer Uniform including belt & plate above Look at how many buttons go with this coat, they are $30 to $40 a peice there are 37 just on the front. Not for sale

UN 13