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Top of flag pole used for reunions of Stone Wall Jacksons UCV reunions

With 14 ft flag pole.







Sydney Davis Lee UCV reunion flag Akins South Carolina








Christian County Kentucky UCV flag




UCV battle flag


24th Alabama UCv flag this one was suspose to have been hung in Birmingham's State Capital Building.


















Mississippi UCV reunion flag
















Authentic Richmond Virginia reunion flag that was flown at UCV reunion of my 30th thru June 3rd 1907
















Small UCV Parade flag or grave flag on original pole from Memphis









Old 3rd National UCV reunion flag







GAR Rhode Island 1896 flag pennant 2nd, 3rd, and 7th Calvary reunion





This badge hung on the pole when the flag was flown in a parade.








1890's West Virginia UCV flag of the 2nd Brigade











Mississippi UCV flag